Location: 915 Legion Way SE
Local register

Jones House, 1939, Thurston County  Assessor, Washington State Archives Jones House now (2013), photo by Deb Ross

This well-preserved Pioneer style home was likely built before 1890, the home of Mark Jones, who was an early Thurston County pioneer, and a gardener. The Sanborn insurance maps for 1908 show greenhouses on the site. Jones’s sons George and Mark Jr. also lived in the home as adults. Other children included John Jones, a blacksmith and master mariner; and Eugenia, their unmarried daughter. George Jones was a tinsmith in Olympia, and possibly a city councilor (see Grainger Stable for photograph that includes Jones’s shop). At the time the house was built, the Jones family would have had to cross the rickety Swantown bridge to get to Olympia. It was built around the time that this part of Olympia was getting developed, but was also severely affected by the Panic of 1893. The home is on the local register.

Thank you to owner Jeremy Wilson for updated information about the home. 

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