Location: 1205 West Bay Drive NW
State Register

Lane 1939Lane House, 1939, photo from Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives Lane House

Lane House today  (2010), photo by Deborah Ross

The George B. Lane House was built in 1891 and is termed a Gothic Revival style due to its steeply pitched roof and decorations, though it has elements of Queen Anne style and the Gothic Revival would have been considered old fashioned when the house was built in 1891. It was one of the homesites developed by Samuel Woodruff. The house is also known as Seven Gables by previous owners, as it does indeed have seven large gables. It is perched on a hillside in West Olympia and has a view of Mount Rainier and downtown Olympia. It is on the state, but not the local, register. George Lane was a mayor of Olympia. The house has been used as a halfway house for alcoholics and as a restaurant in its long history. 

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