Location: 208 18th Ave SW
Local Register; South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood;  Women’s history

Tamblin/Meyer House from Tumwater Lumber Mills catalog, around 1924, City of Olympia Heritage Register Application
Tamblin/Meyer House today (2021), City of Olympia Heritage Register Application

The Tamblin/Meyer House, like many in the South Capitol neighborhood,  was one of the Tumwater Lumber Mill’s pre-cut designs (see the Harmon House for more information on this company, and a link to one of the company’s catalogues). The home was featured in a promotional catalog in 1924, around when the home was built.

The home was built for Maude Tamblin. She was a business owner, assistant state lands commissioner, and the first female member of the Olympia Chamber of Commerce. It was subsequently owned by Ernest L. “Bud” and Barbara Meyer. Bud Meyer was a city attorney for the City of Olympia. 

The home was placed on the local Heritage Register in 2021.

Olympia Heritage Register application

South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

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