Dwight has been a resident of Olympia since moving here at the age of one (1965). Dwight graduated from Olympia High School and now serves as Historian on the Olympia High School Alumni Association Board. Dwight is an accomplished computer programmer, working for the State of Washington as a Systems Administrator for the past couple of decades. Progress in technology being his passion, it shares space in Dwight’s thoughts and heart with the historical path that has brought us to the current moment.

Dwight was a late-comer to following Olympia history. Beginning in the early 2000’s by collecting items of local historical interest, he’s built a collection of more than a thousand items of local historical interest. He has researched nearly every item in his collection for origin date, as closely as can be determined, as well as Thurston County historical relevance. Dwight has eagerly pursued knowledge of local history and appreciates how much others in the community have to offer us.

Dwight believes he is at the entry level of local history understanding and collection. Eager to follow this path, he has begun everything from matchbook covers to highly treasured old bottles and restaurant ware. Dwight’s future in historical understanding is boundless.