On a weekly basis, Members Lanny Weaver and Deb Ross catalogue the State Capital Museum collection now housed at the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) in Tacoma. This project is made possible through a collaboration between the Olympia Historical Society and WSHS, and Deb and Lanny are grateful for the time and cooperation of the WSHS and Research Center staff in making this possible. This regular column informs you about their work.

In the fall of 2012, Deb was given a new ongoing assignment, to catalogue thousands of negatives from the Olympiancollection. These negatives were donated to the State Capital Museum in 1986 and only a few have ever been viewed since they were sleeved back in the 1950s and 1960s. Deb enlisted the help of Olympia Historical Society member Kay Foster to assist with this project. Kay moved to Olympia as a small child in the 1950s, so this project is right up her alley! On a weekly basis Deb is able to catalogue about 30-40 negatives, and Kay then looks through microfiche copies of theOlympian to find the articles that correspond to the negatives. Deb intersperses her Olympian work with other interesting photographs unearthed by Head of Collections Lynette Miller, and figures at this rate, she’ll be done with Olympian photos in about 12 years! You can contact the Olympia Historical Society if you wish to know how to view these catalogued items.