Mark Derricott, Secretary

As noted elsewhere, the board of the Olympia Historical Society elected several new officers.  You have no doubt read about them from others. As for me, I am delighted to take over the responsibilities of Secretary from Deb Ross, who will then spend more time on our Facebook page and continue with other initiatives on the content of the website. Deb is also the tireless force behind our weekly bulletins. While I make no bones about the fact that keeping minutes and other formalities isn’t exactly the most fascinating work, this will free up precious volunteer hours for Deb to take our web presence to the next level. I am very grateful to be able to help indirectly in the effort. 

In keeping with the spirit of the Secretary’s duties, here is a brief summary of our January 8, board meeting.

Susan Rohrer updated the board on the status of the State Capital Museum and its recommended closure in the Governor’s Draft Budget.

2011 Board Election

Designation of 2011 meeting dates:

  • General Membership meeting February 19
  • Board meeting March 19:
  • Board meeting May 7
  • General Membership meeting June 4:
  • Board meeting September 17:
  • General Membership meeting October 15:
  • Board meeting November 19:
  • General Membership meeting December 2: Third annual potluck

Discussion of Programs for 2011 including: Historic waterfront walking tour, Bigelow House, Susan B. Anthony Commemoration, and other events to be featured and confirmed in our weekly bulletin.