New website feature “Where are we?”

I’m excited to announce the addition of a major new feature to the Olympia
Historical Society website. Called "Where are we?", this feature includes
separate pages about locations and buildings of historical interest in
Olympia. Each page has "then and now" photographs, brief description of
the location and its history,and multiple links. We currently have 30
locations on line, with more being added daily. The feature also includes
an interactive map, so you can click on a location of interest to pop up a
link to its associated page. In the near future we will be adding the
ability to screen the map for various "themes."

Click here for an orientation page, and then start having fun!

This feature was developed by me, the Society’s web content "mistress,"
with able assistance of Brian Hovis (map developer) and Sean Krier (Society

We would love to have your help in developing pages for locations to add to
this site. We have plenty of sites to get you started with, or you may
suggest your own, and we’ll provide technical assistance. And, of course,
your financial assistance will ensure that the website continues to be
available. Go to our homepage and click on the membership button to make a
donation or to join the society.

Deborah Ross, on behalf of
The Olympia Historical Society
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